Rexx Janowiak receives National President's Award from the association of consulting foresters of america

Green Timber’s Senior Forester, Rexx Janowiak, was recently honored with the President’s Award from the Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc. (ACF), during their annual business meeting. 

Janowiak has been with Green Timber since 2003, focusing on educating private landowners on proper ecological forest management and helping market their wood to maximize profits. 

“I do a lot of work coordinating timber sales, timber contracts,, and getting loggers lined up, and then overseeing the contracts to make sure that the logger cuts the timber in accordance with the landowner’s objectives, says Janowiak. 

The award was given to Janowiak for his work on the ACF’s Education Committee during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under this direction, the group offered its Practice of Consulting Forestry course and launched a new webinar series, TreeLearn, virtually. “While it’s hard to substitute in-person meetings and education, without the technical ability to offer these educational programs virtually, ACF would be playing catch-up for years,” says Justin Miller, ACF President. 

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