Timber sale services

As consulting foresters, we serve the interests of our clients with no obligations or commitments to other parties such as loggers or sawmills. Our duty is to assist you in achieving your goals through efficient and sustainable forest management, and harvest planning. This management approach enables you to realize the maximum potential value in your forestland investment while balancing environmental, aesthetic and recreational concerns. 

Harvest Preparation

From initial property reconnaissance and project proposals through harvest preparation, marketing and implementation, we can guide you through the entire process. Call us today; we will put our years of experience to work for you and provide you with confidence that your harvest will meet your objectives. Timber buyers in the region recognize our experience and know that we have considered the interests of the landowner while laying out a straightforward harvest from an operational standpoint.

Through the expert, unbiased management decisions made on the ground and our competitive bidding process, your current and future realized net profits would be maximized. Prices paid for timber harvests on our clients' lands continually meet or exceed regional averages. Additionally, future forest values would be maximized through the proper management of forest health and productivity along with the recognition of tree financial maturity.

Landowners choose to conduct timber harvests for varying reasons:

  • Increase health and productivity of their forest
  • Maximize long-term financial returns
  • Create and maintain wildlife habitat
  • Enhance species diversity
  • Maintain a resilient ecosystem in the face of a range of threats
  • Comply with forest management plans and tax incentive programs

Why Hire a Consulting Forester

Our professional staff will assist you in making management decisions tailored to your property. We will utilize our experience to identify and address potential concerns before they become major problems. Proper forest management techniques will ensure sustainable, long-term and continuous land management. Our use of competitive timber marketing ensures that you receive the best possible price for timber products harvested on your land. Proper forest management coupled with competitive timber marketing will maximize your long-term revenues.

Ready to Talk? 

Timber Harvest Implementation

The following steps are taken for timber sale implementation.

  1. Landowner Meeting: A Green Timber forester will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your goals and objectives for the property and may make a preliminary property inspection. It is beneficial for this meeting to occur on your property however it is not a requirement. We may ask to review your current management plan and records of past timber harvests if you have these items. After the meeting, it is likely that the forester will spend some extra time canvassing your property to assess a variety of factors. 
  2. Timber Harvest Proposal: Following the meeting, we will analyze our field notes and measurements to develop an estimate of the volume that may be harvested. We will also estimate our costs, in materials and labor, to prepare and administer your timber harvest. This information will be presented to you in a detailed written proposal which will describe the work we will accomplish, our costs, gross revenue and your net revenue.
  3. Timber Harvest Preparations: When you approve the proposal, we will commence work on your property. Our work will include installing harvest boundaries, marking out new roads or trails, planning and securing permits for stream crossings, timber marking and statistically sound inventory to develop an accurate estimate of harvested volume.
  4. Timber Sale Marketing: We will develop a bid prospectus which details information such as harvest specifications and timber volumes with clear maps of the harvest area. We then send the prospectus to reputable loggers informing them of the opportunity to bid on your harvest. The competitive bidding process ensures that you receive the highest price for your timber. Our knowledge of local markets, seasonal fluctuation and product specifications give us insight on when to best sell your timber harvest. We will provide a recommendation of which bid to accept, however that decision ultimately rests with you. In some cases, a harvest may be negotiated with an individual logger in order to minimize the cost of the bidding process.
  5. Timber Sale Contract: We develop a contract between you and the winning bidder. Green Timber is named as a landowner's agent in the contract, giving us the authority to make decisions that ensure your harvest objectives are met.
  6. Timber Sale Administration: Green Timber oversees all operations from start to finish in order to ensure that the requirements of the timber sale contract are met. We visit the property at least once per week and thoroughly inspect all facets of the timber harvest to ensure compliance. We act as a liaison between the landowner and logger to make sure special concerns are addressed. When the harvest is completed, we conduct a final inspection to make sure that all contractual obligations are met. If the logger fails to meet his obligations, we may retain all or a portion of the performance bond to pay the cost of remedial actions.
  7. Timber Sale Accounting: We monitor the progress of the harvest and the volumes harvested to make certain that prompt and proper payments are made. We maintain records of all timber harvest, hauling and payment activities.