Inventory Services

Green Timber Consulting Foresters provides inventory services of varying intensities to meet unique objectives. We can work within the parameters of your existing inventory program or customize a system that works for you and your investment. Green Timber has many years of experience working with clients on forest inventories of all sizes. Our team of expert inventory foresters will complete your forest inventory efficiently and accurately within your budget.

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Maintenance Inventories

We have decades of combined experience conducting maintenance inventories for individuals who would like to track the growth and potential of their forested acreage over time. While many of these landowners are industrially-based, some private non-industrial clients with large ownerships have hired us for these services. Maintenance inventories usually use previously-established inventory specifications, and we are more than willing to learn the exact specifications that you have utilized in previous years in order to provide you with consistent and accurate data that is within your budget.

Some of the specialized inventory services that we offer