Standards of Sustainability

The American Forest Foundation’s Standards of Sustainability include the following considerations:

  • Commitment to Practicing Sustainable Forestry
  • Compliance with Laws
  • Reforestation and Afforestation 
  • Air, Water, and Soil Protection 
  • Fish, Wildlife, Biodiversity, and Forest Health
  • Forest Aesthetics
  • Protect Special Sites
  • Forest Product Harvests and Other Activities

Landowners who are enrolled into the Green Timber Tree Farm Group place great value on their properties, and take great pride in their management activities. If the landowner is already enrolled into a tax program, they can be easily enrolled into Tree Farm with the benefits outlined below.


Benefits of Enrollment

  • Recognition of Practicing Certified Forest Management 
  • Right to Sell Forest Products from Your Property as Third Party Certified 
  • Green Timber Tree Farm Group Annual Newsletter
  • Regular Communication in Regards to Upcoming Forestry Events
  • Right to Display the Tree Farm Sign 
  • Invitation to Attend the National Tree Farm Convention 
  • Potential Cost Reductions for Other Natural Resource Programs Requiring 3rd Party Certification 
  • Potential Eligibility for Natural Resource Programs Requiring 3rd Party Certification
  • Recognition and Awards for Exceptional Private Forest Management