Keeping Tabs On The Details Of Our Clients Property

Green Timber has built a couple different databases in order to track and utilize client’s information efficiently. Most notably is our geodatabase, which we use to store spatial data about client’s property. Our geodatabase is a collection of all our private clients’ lands, in which we are able to bring into a GIS as a layer and visually inspect where a property is located. Additionally, these layers have attribute tables of information associated with them. So not only can we see where our clients’ properties are located, with the associated attribute table we can easily view information about each property. Examples of attributes we track include forest type, recommended harvest, date a management plan was written, and more.

This information is incredibly useful – whether it is managing the lands of some of our largest clients to not losing track of even the smallest properties we come in contact with. We do this to serve our clients more robustly. Now our clients don’t need to keep checking when a harvest is scheduled or when their management plan is set to expire, we track these details for them.